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If you're looking for LDAP resources on the web, you've come to the right place.

This site is designed to be a starting point for those seeking knowledge about the wonderful world of LDAP.  You'll find lists of books, web pages, and on-line information about LDAP, about Directory Servers, and about LDAP-aware products that are available today.

If you want to complain about something I've missed, please feel free to do so.   Warning:  I'll ask for your assistance in fixing whatever you complain about!

A discussion of LDAP-based authentication

Directory articles   A series of articles to guide you through the entire process of designing, installing, and deploying an LDAP Directory server in your environment.

Sendmail LDAP Attribute Usage showing how the LDAP Routing and LDAP Aliases functionality work for the Sendmail MTA. (Article assumes familiarity with Sendmail knowledge already.)

LDAP RFC list  -- Open standards are good, they help protect us from monopolistic practices of certain software vendors.

Other LDAP web sites -- There are lots of great sites out there.

LDAP Programming -- Want to write your own LDAP-aware CGI scripts and utilities?

Books on LDAP and Active Directory

Commercial and OpenSource LDAP Servers

LDAP-aware scripts, cgi applications, tools, etc.

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